Sheaths are custom made for each knife.  Leather hides and leather supplies are purchased in bulk.  A sheath project begins by tracing the knife.  A design is transposed over the tracing.  The design is cut into a template.  Template is traced onto the leather hide.  Hide is cut.  Edges are “edged” for appearance.  Any stamping or tooling is performed at this time.  A stitching gouge is used so that the stitching is slightly recessed.  This recess helps protect the thread from wear and is used as a guide to keep the sewing straight. The leather is dyed.  Snaps are applied and the lining is cemented and sewn in place.  Final assembly and sewing is performed.  I use a table model hand operated leather sewing machine for a professional appearance.  The project is wetted with water and hand formed around the knife.  This gives the sheath a custom fit appearance to its knife.  All edges are burnished smooth.  Dye touchup is performed, if needed.  The project is hand waxed with high quality leather wax.  Final inspection is performed.