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We've been making knives, sheaths belts, and holsters for over 30 years.  Each  is unique.  Just ask Henry (photo top left).  Debi is the spousal unit.  She's an idea woman.  That means she likes thinking of things for me to do.  Otherwise, I could be making more stuff.  She says I need to sell more of what I've already made before I can buy more materials to make more stuff.  My hobbies include other fun things, such as, softball (slow pitch though - I'm 48), motorcycles, wood turning, furniture making, tropical fish, motorcycles (repeated for emphasis!!) and some other stuff.

Here's Willow (middle left) chilling on the steps.  Cleo (bottom left) is chapped because I snapped at her for messing up my papers.

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In Matthews (Right smack dab beside Charlotte, North Kakkalakka)

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