Deals Gap Rally 2010
Fontana Village/Tail of the Dragon: )Formerly

Paul taking a break at Dry Falls

Jazz and lazy Paul at Dry Falls

The Wang (oh, and Debi's truck

Debi checking in wth her mom at Fontana Dam overlook

Debi at Dry Falls

Terry "Gimpy" (formerly the artist known as Grumpy, don't ask), Becky, Donnie, back of Lee's head?, and back of Debi's head
Debi and well, ur uh, me.

Justin and Cindy tamed the Dragon!

Debi tamed the Dragon

I liked the little helmet trays they put in your room.

Debi bothering somebody on the phone...

Fontana Lake

Our cabin


View of dam from Tail of the Dragon Overlook

Another view from Tail of the Dragon Overlook

More to follow.